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You were offered the opportunity to be coached—both on-site and virtually—by the leading expert in the real estate assistant industry through the 10 most important areas of a real estate agent’s business and could make the most impact by someone with 17 years of experience in all aspects in the real estate industry…
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Is this real estate assistant program for beginners only? Absolutely NOT!
We all want to continue learning and developing our skills and by always bettering yourself, you build your confidence in what you have to offer. This course was created for anyone who wants to gain the confidence in building a business as a real estate assistant or a virtual assistant, but guess what?
This program is great for the real estate agent themselves.
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The Real Estate Assistant Playbook
The Real Estate Assistant Playbook© offers you 10 modules that have been designed from the experience of my 17 years in the industry and as the industry leader in real estate assistance.
You can relax by knowing everything I teach you in this program is from one on one experience by working with real estate agents in their business.
When it comes to working as an assistant, whether you’re virtual or on-site, you are expected to know how to work with today’s real estate agent, know the industry, the terminology, the systems, and so much more. Real Estate agents do not have the time nor the desire to take their valuable time to train their assistants. This is where my course offers you the same extensive training that my team of assistants have gone through. Now you can go through the same training and become invaluable to your agent!
Below you can read my team members experience working with my clients and how this same training has changed their lives, not only personally, but professionally. I have created an in-depth training program for my team and because it is so successful for them, you can feel confident that it will do the same thing for you.

Here’s What My Team Members Had To Say . . .

““I have had the pleasure of working with Kim since February of 2013. I did not have a background in real estate virtual assistance when I started, so I relied on Kim’s guidance to get me where I am today. I have learned a great deal from observing her ability to expand on an idea and make it come to life, as well as her attention to detail, and focus on the client. Kim is proud to be able to offer her clients this level of great customer service and dedication, and that is one of many things about working with her that I admire and appreciate. I can say that I really enjoy what I do, and without a leader like Kim, that would not be possible.””

~Leslie, Internet Marketing Manager – 3 years as a Kim Hughes & Company Team Member. Background: Pharmacy Technician/Yoga Instructor

““After having my second child I decided to take a leap of faith and try to build a business that allowed me to stay home with my children while also being able to provide for them. I was lucky enough to come in contact with Kim. I joined her team in 2005 and have worked side by side with her ever since. Through her I became knowledgeable about the REVA industry as a whole and learned how to provide clients with service that is second to none. Kim’s dedication stretches beyond clients. She is genuinely invested in the future of other Real Estate Virtual Assistants, providing guidance on all fronts to grow their business.””

~Brandy Schafer – 10 years as a Kim Hughes & Company Team Member. Background: Executive Assistant

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  • Instant Online Access to The Real Estate Assistant Playbook© Modules – You will receive 1 module per week over a 10 week period.
  • On The Go? Listen to the Audio Files on all devices
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group – This is great to share, ask questions, get the latest information on new tools, programs, etc.
  • Downloadable Templates and Forms from each Module
  • BONUS!  One on One –  30 minute coaching call once you complete all 10 modules with ME! Ask questions, get advice, and let’s get your confidence up and going!

Kim Hughes, the leading expert in the real estate assistant (on-site and virtual) industry and the creator of The Real Estate Assistant Playbook©
“I really wanted to put together a program that would give real estate assistants and real estate virtual assistants the tools they need to be successful and generate a high income. This is a game changer and one I am very proud to bring to the industry.”
It’s Your Time To Shine and Be Armed with The Tools You Need To Succeed!
Don’t delay….Because of the constant real estate industry changes this course will be updated to stay within the trends of the industry, so once it fills up it will be closed.
Once you join you will receive the updated courses as a life-time member.

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